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KPI Library is a fully owned subsidiary of Mirror42 and now fully owned by ServiceNow. Below is a overview of the history of Mirror42 and the KPI Library.


2004Mirror42 founded
2005First release of Mirror42 IT Performance Management Software
2006Mirror42 grows to 60 customers in 16 countries
2007 Mirror42 launches the KPI Library community: http://www.kpilibrary.com
2008 50.000 KPI Library users.
2009 100.000 KPI Library users
2010 Mirror42 welcomes customer 500
2011 Mirror42 launches KPI Dashboard SaaS solutions for Salesforce, Zoho, Freshbooks, Quickbooks, Highrise, Google and Zendesk
2012 400.000 KPI Library users
2012 Mirror42 launches KPI Dashboard solution for ServiceNow
2013 ServiceNow acquires Mirror42